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Friday FAIL: That’s not in the Script

Friday FAIL Movie Stunt

Movie stunt gone wrong.

Stuntmen are a different breed. They’re willing to do whatever it takes for movies whether it’s immersing themselves in flames, making incredible jumps, or crashing cars. These stunts have to be carefully coordinated for the safety of the stuntman and the entire film crew involved. Most of the time, their attention-to-detail and planning keeps everybody safe, but sometimes things don’t go as planned and people are put in danger.

This stunt at an unknown movie set in China is one such event where someone or something failed and put the entire crew at risk of injury and death.

The car was supposed to fly through the trailer of the parked 18-wheeler and hit a few cars before coming to a quick stop in front of the crew. However, for some reason the car ended up landing farther than where it was supposed to and almost hit members of the crew. Luckily, none of the crew or bystanders were injured, however we are not sure if the stuntman inside the car was injured during the stunt.


Source: cullenblack YouTube

How scary of a FAIL is this flying car stunt?


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