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Friday Fail: The first reported Porsche 911 991 Crash



In this week’s Friday Fail we’d like to focus on the first ever reported Porsche 991 crash. There have likely been quite a few prototype 991 accidents, but what we have here is one of the first production crashes.

Reportedly, the first 991 crash occurred in the Netherlands towards the end of February. During the middle of the day the 911 collided with a Volvo V50 head-on, inflicting heavy damage on both cars. Now, we’re not sure who is to blame for the accident, as it could be either driver. We’re also hoping that both were able to walk away from the accident without any injuries, which is likely since it was a Volvo and Porsche that crashed.

The driver may not have “failed” here, but the fact that a brand new Porsche 991 911 Carrera is crashed is a fail itself. The driver barely got to know her before that fateful day when the 911 collided head on with the V50; such a sad day for such a beautiful car. Hopefully this will be the last 991 crash we see, but we have a feeling there are quite a bit more to come.


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