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Friday FAIL: The Harlem Shake Burn

(Warning: NSFW language and annoying screams)

Hottest Harlem Shake out there.

Unless you’ve been living under a digital rock the past few months, you’ve seen the Harlem Shake videos. Basically it involves one or more people doing a usual activity like walking, working, etc. while the song, “Harlem Shake” by Baauer plays in the background. When the beat finally drops, the shot cuts to a crowd of people dancing and acting crazy while wearing costumes. Its 30 seconds either well spent or wasted depending on who you are.

Well, the Harlem Shake is so last month now in todays extremely short attention span, but we’ve got quite a FAIL for you. A couple of teens wanted to make their own version of the popular song so they gathered in an enclosed garage with some flammable liquid, and an open flame in the quest to become internet sensations.

And they became a sensation. Well, sort of; just not the way that they had planned. The sparkler sitting atop some flammable liquid ignited and scared a few of the dancers, except the one directly in front of the camera, who turned around and got a face-to-face greeting from an explosion. They try to put the fire out with liquid, which just spreads the burning liquid. They smack it with a shirt and some rags, and nothing again. Luckily for them, the fire alarm and the girl in the background provided enough noise to alert someone that something very stupid and annoying is going on.

The lesson that we can all take away from today is that Harlem Shake videos are getting old. Oh, and there are still a lot of stupid people in the world today.

Source: RussiaInSoviet YouTube Channel

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