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Piecha Design gives us the new Mercedes-Benz CLA250 GT-R

Piecha Design CLA250 GT-R

The newest ‘Benz gets a new body.

Mercedes-Benz is expanding its four-door coupe segment that became so popular because of the CLS-Class, with the new CLA-Class that will come in at a much lower price point than its bigger sibling. With the car just beginning to hit dealer lots around the globe, the team at Piecha Design has given it a sporty and athletic look with its new CLA250 GT-R body kit.

The new CLA250 GT-R body kit is designed to conform to the sleek, coupe-like shape of the CLA-Class, while improving the overall aerodynamics and adding a muscular aesthetic.

Piecha Design CLA250 GT-R

The fascia of the CLA-Class changes dramatically with the new upgrade from Piecha Design. A pair of matte silver splitters improves downforce and visually widens the front-end for a more powerful stance. An upright-diamond grille lends a different look to the car’s face while a new hood with power domes and vents hint at the power hidden beneath them. New front cup wings finish the sporty fascia and help to improve the downforce generated at the front axle.

Piecha Design CLA250 GT-R

Things get even sportier at the rear where Piecha Design has given the CLA250 GT-R some exciting body work. The factory trunklid spoiler was extended with an add-on spoiler to create a bit more downforce at the rear axle. The rear fascia was then given a new diffuser that integrates the four 90-mm tailpipes. Piecha Design will offer a GT sports exhaust with trapezoidal frames made of perforated stainless steel to replace the factory oval shaped tailpipes and point towards the motorsports history of the brand.

The new Piecha Design CLA250 GT-R for the W117-generation Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class will be offered soon with a complete list of modifications, but for now you’ll just have to enjoy the upgrade package in pictures.

Piecha Design CLA250 GT-R W117 Specifications

-Front upright diamond grille
-New hood with power domes and vents
-Matte silver splitters
-Front cup wings
-Rear trunklid spoiler
-Rear diffuser with integrated exhaust tips
-Perforated stainless steel trapezoidal exhaust tips

Piecha Design CLA250 GT-R W117 Gallery

[Source: Piecha Design]

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