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Friday Fail – The ruined, rain-soaked Rolls Royce


Rain, rain, go away!

If you’ve managed to work your way to the upper echelons of society and have enough money to spend on a Rolls Royce, we’re happy for you. But please, a car of that status, engineering, and craftsmanship deserves to be treated well, not literally left out in the rain.

An owner of a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe down under in Glenelg, Australia, left his convertible parked outside with the top down. Normally, there’s nothing wrong with that, except for when you forget to check the weather report or fail to observe the dark clouds in the sky.

Unfortunately, the roughly $450,000 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe was left to weather the storm without its convertible deployed to protect it. Bystanders were unable to rescue the car from the rain and the owner was nowhere to be found. All those hand-stitched hides, polished veneers, and modern electronics! Ruined!

According to John Barsoumian, owner of Car Interior Plus in Sydney, “It could cost up to $100,000 if everything was damaged.” That’s quite a hefty price tag to pay for not putting the convertible top up.

So please kids, take care of your automobiles and listen to the weatherman, even if he is wrong 60 percent of the time.


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