Friday FAIL: Where Three Mustang Drivers Can’t Drift

Friday FAIL Mustang Crashes


We can all appreciate a good car show. Enthusiasts and owners gather to show off their automobiles while people meet, take pictures, and have a good time. These meets and gatherings can be a great way to have fun and introduce new people to the great world of cars.

But, these events require owners to be responsible, and that was clearly lacking at the Myrtle Beach Mustang Week.

The event saw a number of Mustangs leaving the show; some just driving off, some speeding away, and some burning a lot of rubber. It was a few of the latter that ruined the party for everybody by losing control and crashing into things.

The first Mustang loses control and oversteers right into the center divider, and scrapes a Dodge Avenger before driving away down the street. The second does a burnout, loses control, and crashes right into the curb where a huge crowd is standing. Luckily, the curb was tall enough to prevent the car from hopping onto the grass and into the crowd. He drove away with some bodywork missing and couple of bent wheels. The last idiot tries to speed away and again, loses control. This time, he hops the center divider and smashes into a few cars on the opposite side of the multi-lane road.

Thankfully, the police were called and the situation was taken care of. We’d just like to thank idiots like this for ruining car shows for the people that like to follow the rules and enjoy them.

With all the car shows going on this summer, we just ask all our fans to be responsible and don’t ruin the show for others.


Source: YouTube

How stupid were these three Mustang Drivers on this Friday FAIL?


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