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Afzal Kahn Previews the Evanta Barchetta

Ant-Kahn Evanta Barchetta

An exciting result of the Ant-Kahn collaboration.

Earlier this month, Afzal Kahn and Ant Anstead announced a new collaboration between their companies that would bring back the British specialist vehicle manufacture with a couple of coachbuilt vehicles in the Ant-Kahn pipeline. One of those is the retro-styled Evanta Barchetta – a two-seat speedster designed after the classic 1950s sports cars with some modern technology under the hood.

Ant-Kahn Evanta Barchetta

There’s a lot to be excited about with the new Evanta Barchetta. The classic British and Italian curves and profile that were so prevalent and unique in the 1950s are being revived on the Barchetta and speeding away with some modern power. The Ant-Kahn collaboration will bring traditional coachbuilding methods to produce the lightweight composite Kevlar body on a strong tubular frame.

The new Evanta Barchetta will be powered by a dynamite 6.2-liter GM LS3 engine with 450 bhp. Pair that up with its lightweight body and chassis and you have a retro-styled classic that can really fly.

Ant-Kahn Evanta Barchetta

For some time, we’ve only been able to drool over a pair Evanta Barchetta renderings in red and green. Now, thanks to Afzal Kahn on Twitter, we have three more renderings to get all giddy over. The three new pictures show the side profile of the retro roadster. The curvaceous lines and sleek profile coupled with those classic wire wheels mean that it will be a real hit when it’s finally unveiled at the Goodwood Revival Motor Show on September 12th.

Until then, we can only hope for some new teaser photos to pop up on Twitter. Just make sure to follow Afzal Kahn (@afzalkahn) and keep an eye out!

Source: A Kahn Design, Afzal Kahn

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