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Friday FAIL: Time for some Bumper ‘Benzes!

Friday FAIL Russian Mercedes-Benz Road Rage

Russian Road Rage.

Crazy shit happens in Russia. Thanks to the rise of dashcams there, we’ve got days-worth of crazy evidence of this just from everyday driving. This time around, however, it’s just some crazy road rage captured on cell phone video in the middle of traffic just because.

The video starts in some clogged and congested multi-lane, one-way road where it appears as though cars are merging. There’s a Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, and Merceds-Benz ML-Class among the crowd.

The video starts with some honking and what sounds like a crunch, which could be the G63 AMG scraping the ML-Class. That’s our best guess as to what started the incident.

Friday FAIL Russian Mercedes-Benz Road Rage

Soon after, the ML driver speeds up and hits the G63 AMG from behind, knocking off a running board, and speeds away. The G63 AMG driver gives chase and follows them off the road with the passengers checking the damaged running boards and bent exhaust tips.

That leads to a serious side-swiping battle as both SUVs jostle for position with the G63 AMG gaining the lead and driving to the front of the pack. Well, the ML driver didn’t take too kindly to that, so they sped up, rear-ended, and fish-tailed the G63 AMG, bringing both cars to a halt.

That’s when the video ends and likely where the real craziness beings.

Source: Hart voor Auto’s Facebook

How crazy was this road rage battle between these two Mercedes-Benzes in Russia?


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