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Jett the Drift Dog is here to Shred some Rubber!

Jett the Drift Dog

Canine Carnage.

We love dogs and we also love cars. Put the two together and you have a perfect combination. Most dogs love going for rides. The sheer mention of the word triggers excitement, and Jett, the Golden Retriever owned by Chris K at ENS Auto likes her rides to shred a bit more rubber than your average pooch.

Jett the Drift Dog

Chris K not only owns a pretty freaking awesome dog, but his car is pretty cool as well. His JDM 1990 Toyota Mark II JZX81 (Toyota Cressida) has been modified to the gills for drifting but it has another feature – a seat that’s specifically built for Jett. The seat and its harness makes sure she stays safe, comfortable, and secure while Chris and her go driving and drifting.

We can all agree that Jett is one cool dog!

Source: ENS AUTO YouTube

How cool would it be to go drifting with your dog like Chris and Jett?


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