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Friday FAIL: Time for some Camaro Karma!

Friday FAIL Chevrolet Camaro Karma

When you drive like a dick, bad things might happen.

It’s a good idea to have a dashcam these days. Not only do they provide you with video evidence in case of an accident or incident on the road for police and insurance, but they also captures stupid drivers and their driving mishaps.

Karma can be a bitch, and this dashcam captured this Chevrolet Camaro driver getting a hot plate of it up a telephone pole.

Mike Mathews had his dashcam hooked up and caught a Camaro driver just being an utter jerk on the road. After pulling out behind the Camaro, the driver of the muscle car brake checked him three times and then sped off. During this, the driver almost hits a truck pulling out of a parking lot.

Friday FAIL Chevrolet Camaro Karma

After stopping at an intersection and waiting to turn left, the Camaro driver decides that they’ll show off their car’s power by gunning it into the turn and promptly losing control. The Camaro starts to oversteer and the driver overcorrects right into a telephone pole. Instead of crashing head-on, the metal wiring that secures the pole to the ground forced the Camaro up into the air.

The Camaro came to a complete stop with its front bumper up the pole and the rear bumper sitting on the ground, and the wheels up in the air. The driver attempts to break free by putting the car in reverse, but the wheels just spun.

This is why you don’t drive like a jerk on the road and try to show off. Sometimes, it can come back to bite you in the ass big-time.

Source: Mike Mathews Facebook

How stupid was this jerk Camaro driver after they tried to show off and drove up a pole?


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