Take a POV Ride in the Bugatti Chiron during a Hill Climb!

Bugatti Chiron Hill Climb

Turbo sounds galore!

The Bugatti Chiron is nothing short of an impressive feat of automotive engineering and design. It’s essentially the pinnacle of high-performance, ultra-luxury motoring. It’s super-rare, super-expensive, and inspiring to see in-person.

Bugatti Chiron Hill Climb

At La Vie en Blue hill during the Prescott Speed Hill Climb, the 1,479 bhp, ‘BUG1’ Bugatti Chiron made a public appearance and put its power on display for all to enjoy.

While it didn’t go all-out with a sideways-sliding, tire-shredding run, it did fly through the hill climb course.

Thankfully, TheSUPERCARDRIVER had in-car footage of the run and it’s filled with brutal W-16, quad-turbocharger sounds.

Just listen.


Would you like to drive the quad-turbo W-16 Bugatti Chiron during a hill climb?


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