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Friday FAIL: Turbos will Eat Towels!

Friday FAIL Turbo Towel

And they’re not part of a healthy car diet.

Dyno runs are lots of fun with modified cars. They show just how much of a power increase has come as a result of your hard work upgrading and modifying. However cool it may be to do a dyno run, it’s always important to be safe and smart. Even something as simple as picking up loose towels can save you thousands of dollars and a huge headache.

Just as the owner of this car.

Friday FAIL Turbo Towel

Everything was going swell for this turbocharged car on the dyno. It sounded great, was putting down some solid power, and then it all was back to square one in an instant. You see, someone left a shop towel on the desk right next to the dynometer. The sheer force from air being sucked into the intake by the turbocharger pulled it right off the desk and into the intake, quickly shredding it and turning it into a million pieces all inside the engine.

The driver immediately let off the throttle and let it wind down realizing the catastrophic failure that had just occurred.

That little piece of fabric just caused a lot of damage.

Be careful when dyno’ing your vehicles, kids!

Source: Got Boost? YouTube

How mad would you be if your car sucked a shop towel into the intake while on a dyno?


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