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Friday FAIL: Watch a Volkswagen Golf Explode on the Dyno


And BOOM goes the dyno.

Creating a high-powered Frankenstein project of a car is always a fun and exciting way to spend tons of money. Take this Mk3 Volkswagen Golf, for example. The owner swapped out the engine and put in a 24-valve 2.8-liter VR6 force-fed by a turbocharger, all driving the front wheels.

That equates to about 540 bhp reaching the front two tires, which is pretty crazy and should generate quite a bit of torque steer.

This week’s Friday FAIL involves the owner of the Golf strapping it onto a dynometer and doing a top speed run in sixth gear. Sounds like a plan for success, right? Well, as the speed went up, and up, and up, all the way to 223 mph, the tire and drive belts both blew out, sending all sorts of metal and plastic parts across the room. As the car begins to slow down, the front passenger-side wheel stops rotating and just grinds on the rollers of the dyno, making some lovely sparks and smoke.

Looks like it’s back to work with the MkIII Volkswagen Golf project.

Source: GavinGTINI YouTube Channel, CarThrottle

How expensive does this FAIL look?


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