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Friday FAIL: Where a Mustang Driver Tries too Hard

(Warning NSFW Language in BOTH videos)

You’re doing it wrong.

At the end of some car meets, drivers usually say their goodbyes by leaving the event and giving the crowd a little show by stepping on the throttle. Most drivers usually don’t go for the burnout or floor the throttle because there can sometimes be police or they don’t want to get into an accident. Well, one Ford Mustang driver ignored both and wound up on this week’s Friday FAIL.

At the Malton Car Meet outside of Yorkshire, England on March 31st, a Mustang gave spectators quite the show. As cars were leaving the show and providing us with a great exhaust notes –most of which don’t go too crazy, until the big, bad Ford Mustang decided to show up. As the driver was leaving, they decide to gun it, right in front of a police car, lost control, and ended up saying ‘hello’ to a tree off the road.

Both videos are pretty predictable. They feature a few cars leaving and giving a quick burst of acceleration before slowing down, followed by the Mustang crashing, a few profane four-letter adjectives to describe the situation, some running, and then huddling around the crash with laughter.

And then there’s the Mustang getting towed away from the tree.

It doesn’t look like this Mustang will be in any car shows in the near future.

[Source: Murphroid, Tom Fozzer, and James Amerigo YouTube Channels]

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