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Friday FAIL: Where you NEVER Cheat on your Wife

Or you can kiss your car goodbye!

Cheating on your wife is never a good idea. It can lead to all sorts of marital problems and issues, and can usually end a relationship completely. And if your wife finds out about your affair, you may have to kiss your car ‘goodbye’!

One Brazilian woman learned that her husband was cheating on her and decided to teach him a lesson by touching up his car with a hammer. This 1990s Honda Accord felt the wrath of the wife as she delivered blow after blow, showing her husband that she’s not one to be taken advantage of. She pelted the Accord with her hammer in front of a crowd of people, exposing his cheating ways.

After she was done pummeling the Accord, she picked up her bag and walked off to the cheers of the crowd. Big FAIL on the husband here for thinking he could cheat on her.

“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned”

[Source: worldviralvideonews YouTube Channel]

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