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Watch a Man with No Arms Drift his R34 Skyline

Look Ma, no hands!

There are often times in our existence when we are faced with terrible accidents and/or tragedies that change our lives forever. Bartek Ostalowski lost both of his arms in an accident in 2006 and for most people that would mean an end to a normal life forever.

Well not for Ostalowski, who continued to not only drive, but drive competitively and be involved in motorsports. Yes, you read that unbelievable statement correctly, not only does Ostalowski drive, but he races in the Polish Championship Rally Raceway Cross and even has learned how to drift!

Ostalowski’s driving setup is pretty interesting, as he shifts gears on an automatic transmission using his shoulder and controls the steering wheel, throttle, and brakes with his feet. It’s a pretty amazing thing to see, and he is a better driver with just two feet than the vast majority of the population around the world.

Hats off to Ostalowski!

[Source: motointegrator YouTube Channel]

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