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Prior Design turns the Audi R8 Up a Notch with the GT650 Kit

Prior Design GT650 Audi R8

Getting that motorsports look without sacrificing comfort.

The Audi R8 in all of its variations commands attention on the road as it stares ahead with its bright LED daytime running lights and modern design. While it’s a sleek and beautiful super car, the team at Prior Design decided to give owners that want that motorsports look an aerodynamic option package with the new PD GT650 exterior upgrade program.

The new Audi R8 GT650 is an aerodynamic speedster with a motorsports look without the stripped-down and uncomfortable interior surrounded by a roll cage like the non-road-legal GT3 models. Strong and flexible Dura-Flex FRP forms the muscular lines and aggressive aerodynamics with a quality OEM fitment that requires no additional drilling or modifications to install.

Prior Design GT650 Audi R8

That extra bit of motorsports style starts up front with the new bumper that includes new side vents and vent inserts with mesh, and a new lip spoiler for extra downforce. New front flics help produce extra downforce and the front fenders were extended to create a more muscular stance. Side skirts run lengthwise into the broad rear fenders and rear bumper with side vents with integrated exhaust outlets. Downforce is generated at the rear axle by a large spoiler wing and a new diffuser. A new roof scoop sits atop the Audi R8 and gives the super car a more dynamic appearance.

The entire Prior Design Audi R8 PD GT650 kit is currently available for all of the Audi R8 models and comes standard with mounting material for 19,900 Euros. Installation and painting can be carried out at the Prior Design facility.

Prior Design PD GT650 Audi R8 Specifications

Audi R8 PD GT650 Aerodynamic-Kit | AUR8PDGT650FULLKIT
-PD GT650 front bumper (side vents included)
-PD GT650 front lip spoiler (for PD GT650 front bumper)
-PD GT650 front fenders
-PD GT650 rear bumper (side vents included)
-PD GT650 side skirts
-PD GT650 rear diffusor
-PD GT650 rear wing
-PD GT650 vent inserts with mesh included
-PD GT650 roof scoop
-Mounting material

-Paint and installation at our facility is possible. Please contact us for details.

Prior Design PD GT650 Audi R8 Gallery


[Source: Prior Design]

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