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Friday FAIL: You’re going the Wrong Way!

Friday FAIL: Wrong Way Driver

When trying to beat traffic goes wrong.

We’ve all been stuck in traffic before, whether it’s an accident, construction, broken down vehicle, or other reason. It sucks and it’s annoying, but there’s nothing that you can do – legally. If you’re stuck on a two-way, two-lane road, then you can drive in the oncoming lane, like this idiot, but that decision will likely bite you in the ass.

While driving past a traffic jam, this driver encountered a wrong-way Honda driver who thought she’d beat traffic by passing everyone in the oncoming lane. That turned out to be a pretty bad idea as the dashcam-equipped car in the proper lane came right up on her, forcing her to do the embarrassing reverse walk of shame.

Friday FAIL: Wrong Way Driver

To the satisfaction of everyone that got passed, the lady was forced to reverse and messed up on quite a few occasions. Not only did the bad driver back up over the cub and onto the grass, but they scraped their wheels on the curb multiple times while backing up.

After backing up for quite a distance, traffic in the oncoming lane moved up a few spaces and a kind-hearted person decided to let the Honda driver pull in the open space, ending this totally-avoidable, completely-stupid backwards affair.

We get it; being stuck in a traffic jam is very frustrating. But, breaking the law to avoid sitting in line is not the right thing to do and can have some embarrassing (and sometimes dangerous) consequences.

Just like the driver of the camera-equipped car said, how do some people have driver’s licenses?

Source: tehndn YouTube

How satisfying was it to see this driver have to back up after trying to beat traffic?


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