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Let’s have a 10 Car Drag Race with LEVELLA!

LEVELLA 10 Car Drag Race

Throwing it down on an airfield.

It’s always fun to watch a drag race between sports cars. There’s no better way to showcase a car’s straight-line performance than with this basic test of muscle and reaction time. LEVELLA GmbH decided to take 10 of their modified sports cars and have a big drag race to see who was the fastest.

LEVELLA 10 Car Drag Race

The German tuning company assembled quite a team of sports cars and super cars with varying engines and outputs. The list of entries and their power output are as follows: Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli Edition-720 HP, Lamborghini Huracan Spyder-610 HP, Mercedes AMD C63 S-650 HP, Porsche Panamera Diesel-422 HP, Aston Martin Vantage-430 HP, Nissan GT-R-780 HP, Audi RS6-700 HP, Porsche 991 Turbo S-650 HP, BMW M3-520 HP, Volkswagen Golf MK7 R-430 HP.

All 10 cars lined up with their drivers donning various masks that somewhat reflect the personality of each vehicle. At the drop of the flag, they each shot off, burned a bit of rubber, and raced towards the finish line.

The Results:
1st Nissan GT-R
2nd Lamborghini Aventador
3rd Porsche 911 Turbo S
4th Lamborghini Huracan
5th Audi RS6
6th Mercedes-AMG C63 S
7th BMW M3
8th Volkswagen Golf R
9th Porsche Panamera Diesel
10th Aston Martin Vantage

Source: LEVELLA GmbH YouTube

Which one of these sports cars modified by LEVELLA would you choose to race at the drag strip?


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