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Friday FAIL: When You’re Showing Off Way Too Hard


Those won’t buff right out.

At a recent Gumball Meet in Manchester, things got a little out of hand for two drivers. The Gumball event played host to a number of high-end exotics, supercars, sports cars, and all sorts of high-octane muscle.

OF course, with all that power comes great responsibility. The temptation to show off was too much for a couple of drivers that day and two ended up paying dearly for it with a pair of nasty crashes.

The first crash involves a Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG that plows right into a sign and spills its guts everywhere before being surrounded by a crowd of cell phone and camera-wielding spectators.

The second crash involves a Jaguar XFR-S that loses traction and goes right into the bushes and barrier.

Don’t drive like idiots, folks. Real car enthusiasts know what’s under the hood and the car’s capabilities. There’s no need to show off.


And here’s a compilation of the two crashes as well:

Source: Maadmodz Instagram, Usama Ahmed and SupercarChannel92 YouTube

Is there a need to show off like this at a car show?


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