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German Special Customs Preview their McLaren P1 “Night Glow”

German Special Customs McLaren P1 Night Glow

More than enough to attract attention night or day.

The McLaren P1 has just started to enter production and hit the streets, and the team at German Special Customs has already whipped up a high performance styling and upgrade program aimed at making the hypercar the king of the road. Called the McLaren P1 “Night Glow”, the new program is currently in the design and development stages but shows quite a bit of promise.

The new German Special Customs McLaren P1 Night Glow features a full aerodynamic kit inspired by racing and motorsports. The front fascia boasts a large spoiler blade protruding from the bumper to reduce any lift at the front axle while new air intakes, LED daytime running lights, and side blades sit above to improve airflow and styling.

Running towards the rear are a set of new side skirts and a roof air scoop with the latter feeding fresh air to the engine. The side skirts help to calm airflow and redirect it away from the rear wheels for reduced drag, and integrate the rear air inlets to bring cool air into the engine bay.

German Special Customs McLaren P1 Night Glow

At the rear of the McLaren P1 Night Glow sits a large adjustable XXL wing that generates a large amount of downforce. A large rear diffuser mirrors the imposing design of the wing spoiler while improving the stability of the supercar at high speeds. Instead of the factory trapezoidal exhaust outlets, German Special Customs installed their own dual 100 mm tailpipes that mimic the design of a fighter jet.

The new German Special Customs McLaren P1 is expected to have over 1,000 horsepower from other upgrades. Pricing, availability, and official specifications have not been announced as of yet.

Source: German Special Customs

Is the German Special Customs McLaren P1 Night Glow the ultimate supercar?


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