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Get Wide with the Ingo Noak Tuning 997 Porsche 911 RSR

Ingo Noak Tuning Porsche 911 RSR

Everybody loves a widebody.

The 997 Porsche 911 RSR racers are designed for maximum performance on the track. Their wide, extended fender flares and low ride height make them visually commanding, but that design has only been available for track-spec racers. The team at Ingo Noak Tuning is changing that with their new RSR-style widebody kit for the first-generation 997 Porsche 911 models.

Every Porsche 911 in the first-generation 997 series (2005-2009 MY) can benefit from the new Ingo Noak Tuning RSR-style widebody kit. The kit includes a new front bumper bar and side flics and air outlets flanking the large central mesh air intake. The front fenders extend outwards and connect to the extended rear fenders by the means of new side skirts. A larger rear bumper seamlessly meshes with the rear wheel arches and incorporate new air outlets to help cool the brakes while a new cup flap, ram air engine intake, and large rear spoiler wing help to optimize aerodynamics. Two 90-mm exhaust pipes protrude from the center of the rear bumper similar to that of the 911 RSR racers.

Ingo Noak Tuning Porsche 911 RSR

To fill in the extended fenders of the widebody 911, Ingo Noak Tuning opted for a set of classic racing sports wheels with a multi-piece construction. The front wears a set of 8.5 x 19 wheels with 235/35 R19 while the rear comes in at 11.0 x 19 305/30 R19. These wheels are extended even more with toe enlargements that measure 60 mm up front and 120 mm at the rear. The new fitment is paired up with a set of KW Variant 3 coilovers with adjustable compression, rebound, and allow for the perfect setup for a given track.

The final part of the Porsche 911 widebody conversion from Ingo Noak Tuning comes inside the cockpit. Here, the center console is painted and carbon fiber/leather sport seats add a touch of motorsports to the cabin.

All of the new RSR-inspired widebody upgrades are currently available for the first-generation 997 Porsche 911 models from Ingo Noak Tuning.

Ingo Noak Tuning Widebody Porsche 911 Gallery

Source: Ingo Noak Tuning

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