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Get Wide with the Prior Design Mercedes-Benz S-Class Black Edition V2

Prior Design Black Edition V2 Widebody W221 S-Class

The W221 isn’t going quietly.

The introduction of the W222 Mercedes-Benz S-Class has made the W221 S-Class old news. All sorts of advanced technology, modern styling, and more powerful and efficient engines all made their way into the new W222. It even has a hot stone massage and an active perfuming system. But, the W221 S-Class isn’t going away quietly thanks to the team at Prior Design with their new Black Edition V2 Widebody Aerodynamic kit.

The new Prior Edition Black Edition V2 Widebody Aerodynamic kit for the W221 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is all about creating an aggressive and menacing appearance for the ultimate in German luxury sedans. The entire kit is made from high-strength, flexible Dura-Flex FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic). This material offers superb stiffness and stability and offers a finish that can easily be painted to match the factory body color. All of the components were designed with an OEM fitment and require little to no modifications to install.

Prior Design Black Edition V2 Widebody W221 S-Class

All of the W221-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Classes can be adorned with the muscular Black Edition V2 Widebody kit. The overall personality of the German luxury sedan changes into something with a bit of a diabolical side thanks to the Prior Design aerodynamic kit.

Up front, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sports a BlackEdition V2 front bumper and BlackEdition V2 spoiler that feature mesh inserts, large air intakes, and integrated LED daytime running light strips at the top of both side intakes. Above the bumper sits a new hood with air outlets at the front to dissipate heat more efficiently. The new bumper seamlessly flows into the extended front fenders that incorporate a large air vent after the wheel well to help extract hot air from the brakes.

Prior Design Black Edition V2 Widebody W221 S-Class

The new muscles along both sides of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class are what make the sedan so imposing. The Prior Design Black Edition V2 Widebody kit includes a pair of side skirts that visually lower the S-Class and flow into the widened rear fenders to emphasize the rear-wheel power bias. The butt of the S-Class is decked out with a new bumper paired with a diffuser and integrated exhaust outlets, while a trunk spoiler sits atop to generate downforce.

The full Prior Design Black Edition V2 Widebody aerodynamic kit is available for 6,900 Euros and fits all W221-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class models. As an option, the entire kit can be painted and installed at the Prior Design headquarters.

Prior Design Black Edition V2 Widebody W221 S-Class Specifications

-BlackEditionV2 front bumper
-BlackEditionV2 front lip spoiler (for BlackEditionV2 front bumper)
-BlackEditionV2 side skirts
-BlackEditionV2 rear bumper
-BlackEditionV2 rear diffuser
-BlackEditionV2 front fenders
-BlackEditionV2 rear widenings
-BlackEditionV2 front bonnet
-BlackEditionV2 mesh grille inserts
-BlackEditionV2 rear trunk spoiler
-Mounting material

Prior Design Black Edition V2 Widebody W221 S-Class Gallery

Source: Prior Design

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