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Go Full Throttle on the Mazda Turnpike Motorhead Hill Climb

Motorhead Hill Climb

From Super GT to classics.

Luke Huxham and Maiham-Media have created some incredible automotive films over the past few years, but this one is up there as one of our personal favorites. The first-ever Motorhead Hill Climb sponsored by Recaro was held at the Mazda Turnpike on Hakone mountain in Japan. The twisting, winding roads with their numerous elevation changes and beautiful scenery make it a spectacular setting for a hill climb event.

Called the Nurburgring of Japan, the Mazda Turnpike played host to numerous race cars and even some classics driven by some highly skilled drivers. There’s drifting, speeding, turbochargers spooling, and screeching tires as each car attempts to drive as fast as possible through the course.

The film is a brilliantly produced look at the inaugural Motorhead Hill Climb and definitely worth a watch…or two. Turn up your speakers and sit back for the action!

Source: japanmotorhead YouTube, Maiham-Media

motorhead hill climb gt40

Directed: by Luke Huxham
DOP / Editing: Luke Huxham
Event Organiser Ko-Hey Takada
Assistant director Nori Tohyama
Music producer Slava Korystov
Additional Camera Crew
須加 洋介
仲谷 譲
市川 丈司
Chad MacLean
Tommy Babiarz

GFX Animation: Edward Khoma

Would you like to drive in the Motorhead Hill Climb on Mazda Turnpike?


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