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Go Sideways at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed!

Goodwood Festival of Speed Drifts

Tire-shredding fun at the bottom of the hill.

One of the most exciting and fun annual automotive events to attend and watch is the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Here, automakers and private owners bring their rare, exotic, racing, and concept cars to drive and put on display for all of us to enjoy.

While the main attraction is the timed hillclimb event, the showcase of all the different cars and motorcycles from all the different eras gives attendees a never-ending list of things to see and experience.

Goodwood Festival of Speed Drifts

At the bottom of the hills is a circular-shaped asphalt turnaround area where drivers can take a short break after their run and pose for a few pictures. This small piece of asphalt has turned into a great area for drivers to shred tires and show off at the end of their run, attracting tons of photographers hoping to catch some action shots.

This year, some of the drivers thankfully decided to give the crowd what they wanted and do some drifting/burnouts/donuts in the small area. Many of the drivers – to our dismay – opted just to rev the engine and turn their vehicles around. Granted, some of these are one-offs and the risk of damage is too great, but give spectators a show of some kind at least!

Thankfully, a few from Mercedes-AMG, Koenigsegg, Ferrari, Porsche, Ford, and others were more than happy to take a shot at some tire-shredding fun for fans.

This dude's hat

One of the best parts was also this marshal’s pointed hat. The Festival of Speed has some great fashion and this guy is at the top of that list.

Source: AdamC3046 YouTube

What was your favorite car to see shred some tires at the Goodwood Festival of Speed?


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