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Go sideways with the Tuthill Porsche 911 Rally Car – Video


Belgian-spec rally time!

In the latest edition of Drive, Chris Harris takes us on around a rally test track in the Midlands of England in a Porsche 911 rally car built by Tuthill.

There’s quite a bit to be excited about with this 911 rally car. It has 365 horsepower, weighs in at just 1,000 kg, and has a dog-gearbox; meeting all of the Belgian rules for the series it is competing in. There’s no electronics working against it, just a pure, mechanical driving machine that isn’t afraid to punish an unskilled driver.

This 911 rally car owned by Tuthill is a thing of beauty that harkens back to a time when race cars didn’t have the modern technology of today and were piloted by some very brave souls.

[Source: Drive YouTube Channel]

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