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It’s the great Fast Driver/Slow Car vs Slow Driver/Fast Car Debate!

Fast Driver Slow Car vs Slow Driver Fast Car

Which pair is the fastest around a track?

There are a lot of debates that have never really been settled in the automotive community. One of them that’s been puzzling enthusiasts since the beginning of time has been: Are fast drivers in slow cars quicker around a track then a slow driver in a fast car?

Donut Media set out with a super scientific way of getting to the bottom of this great driving mystery at Willow Springs International Raceway.

Fast Driver Slow Car vs Slow Driver Fast Car

In one corner is a Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 packing a 345-horsepower turbo-four as the “fast car” driven by their notoriously slow writer. In the other corner is the “slow car” Mitsubishi Mirage aka “ITS BISH RAGE” with a 78-horsepower three-cylinder engine, wearing some hardcore downforce-inducing paper and duct tape aerodynamics that’s being driven by their resident “fast driver”.

So, both drivers drove around Willow Springs, one taking their time and the other going as fast as possible.

The results weren’t too surprising with the slow driver/fast car getting a 1:32.11 time while the fast driver/slow car hitting a 1:40.28 time.

This probably won’t put to rest the great debate, but it’s still a fun watch.

Source: Donut Media

Do you think a fast driver with a slow car is faster around a track than a slow driver with a fast car?


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