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Time to Fly with the Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan!

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan VFN-507 Wheels

Stealth Fighter Style.

If there’s a car that looks right at home on an air strip, rolling out of a hangar and getting ready to take flight, it’s the Lamborghini Huracan. While some may be a bit more basic high-powered exotics, this sinister Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan with carbon fiber aero and forged wheels is the secret stealth fighter of the fleet.

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan VFN-507 Wheels

This Huracan isn’t your average bull. Visually, it’s more striking and powerful than ever thanks to the carbon fiber Vorsteiner aerodynamics. Up front, a new Verona spoiler sits proudly and extends outwards to reduce lift. Motorsport-inspired Novara front fenders feature a set of vents above the wheels to help dissipate heat generated by the brakes.

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan VFN-507 Wheels

Cutting through the air as it moves towards the rear are new Novara side blades. These carbon fiber pieces slice through and redirect air into the rear fender air intakes. At the rear of this Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan sits a sculpted Novara bumper with integrated diffuser blades to help calm airflow and create a suction beneath the super car. Above, a clean but confident Verona wing blade with uprights generates downforce for better stability at the car’s triple-digit cruising speeds.

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan VFN-507 Wheels

Helping this Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan to get to those speeds even quicker are the new VFN-507 wheels. These lightweight forged T-6061 aluminum alloy wheels help keep weight to a minimum and have a unique three-dimensional spoke design that perfectly matches the angular complexities of the Huracan’s body language.

Here, the new Vorsteiner VFN-507 wheels were installed in a staggered 20 x 9.0 front and 21 x 12.0 rear setup to provide a large footprint without negatively affecting rotating mass.

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan VFN-507 Wheels

In the fleet of super cars, this Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan knows how to stand out, even with its stealth-like demeanor.

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan Specifications

Vehicle: Lamborghini Huracan
Wheels: Vorsteiner VFN-507 forged alloy
Front Wheels: 20 x 9.0
Rear Wheels: 21 x 21.0

-Verona Front Spoiler
-Novara Front Fenders w/ vents
-Novara Side Blades
-Novara Rear Bumper
-Verona Wing Blade w/ uprights

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan Gallery

Source: Vorsteiner

Are you ready to drive the Vorsteiner Lamborghini Huracan on the air strip?


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