Gymkhana Six – the GoPro Cut


Burning rubber from a different angle.

We love Ken Block’s Gymkhana films. They’re a great display of driving and are different than the usual burnout videos or racing clips. After the release of “NEED FOR SPEED: KEN BLOCK’S GYMKHANA SIX — ULTIMATE GYMKHANA GRID COURSE”, new footage has been released of the acrobatic display of driving using only GoPro cameras.

GoPro cameras played an important role in capturing the unique angles and aspects of Ken Block and his car during the run, but much of it was edited out in the final cut. Now we have a new perspective on the tire shredding scene from a number of unique angles thanks to GoPro cameras.

Source: dhsdrumer YouTube

Was the GoPro cut of Gymkhana Six better than the original?


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