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Man Sells Testicle for a Nissan 370Z; Has a Ball


“I’d give my right testicle for a …”

There’s always that saying amongst automotive enthusiasts where they’d give up some kind of body part or organ for some kind of vehicle they lust after. For the real sought-after cars, you’ll usually hear an “I’d give my right nut just to drive it,” statement emphasizing how much they want said car.

But it’s pretty rare to see someone actually follow through with that statement.

Mark Parisi thought so highly of the Nissan 370Z that he decided to donate one of his testicles in the name of science for $35,000 so that he could go buy the sports car. On the CBS show, The Doctors, Parisi revealed that he was donating one of his family jewels for money that he would use to purchase a Nissan 370Z.

2014 Nissan 370Z NISMO

Parisi might have set a precedent for men everywhere by selling his testicle for $35,000, meaning that men are born with $70,000 worth of goods. Or, if you’re Dr. Evil in Austin Powers in Goldmemberr, you’re one of the lucky few packing $105,000.

It may seem crazy, but more power to him.

Source: Jason Torchinsky YouTube Channel, The Doctors, MotorAuthority

What is one car you would sell a testicle or other body part for?


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