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Have some Fun with the new Ferrari 458 Spider by A Kahn Design

A Kahn Design Ferrari 458 Spider

Drop that top and step on it!

The Ferrari 458 Spider is a bit different from your average convertible or even super car convertible. The engineers at Maranello didn’t just chop the roof off and call it a day; they designed many aspects of the car to keep the character and performance of the 458 Italia intact. A hardtop was chosen to save weight, special braces help to maintain torsional rigidity, and little aerodynamic bits were installed on the body to ensure stability at high speeds.

And now the team at A Kahn Design has added their special touch to the Ferrari 458 Spider to make it even more unique and exciting to drive. The Spider is now more about being seen and heard as that beautiful, high-revving 4.5-liter V-8 engine fills the cockpit with a pure Italian exhaust note.

A Kahn Design Ferrari 458 Spider

The A Kahn Design Ferrari 458 Spider is also about style, with the entire car wearing a Grigo Alloy exterior color that makes it perfect for those sunny days. The design team also added a special matte rear styling detail and special front sections to improve upon the factory look.

The Ferrari 458 Spider was then equipped with a new sports suspension to make it more nimble and sit a tad lower, and then finished off with a more aggressive set of wheels. The team at A Kahn Design opted for their Monza forged alloy wheels that complement the Italian design and character of the car. Each wheel can be fitted with the original center caps and an array of custom colors and finishes to suit anyone’s taste. The finishing touch is the “180” number plate that adds that exclusive touch to an already special super car.

Inside, customers can create their own unique interior with an array of special trim pieces, components, as well as leather and alcantara materials throughout in a variety of designs.

A Kahn Design Ferrari 458 Spider Specifications

-Forged Monza wheels with factory center caps and custom finishes
-New front sections
-Lowered suspension
-Rear matte styling detail
-‘180’ number plate

A Kahn Design Ferrari 458 Spider Gallery

[Source: A Kahn Design]

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