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Here’s an Aston Martin Vulcan Owners Event at COTA!

Aston Martin Vulcan Circuit of the Americas

The British are doing it Texas style.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and the same seems to be the case when it comes to British super cars. The track-spec Aston Martin Vulcan comes with special ownership privileges including exclusive track day events, one of which was recently held at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

Aston Martin Vulcan Circuit of the Americas

Here, owners from around the world brought their V-12, carbon fiber beauties to the 3.427-mile track to enjoy what these Vulcans were bred to do: race.

Owners were aided by instructors and support crews to unleash the full potential of these 2,980-lb, 800 bhp monsters on the sunny Texas track. Beautiful sights, V-12 sounds, and 10-gallon hats were experienced by all that day.


Source: Aston Martin

How bad do you want to drive an Aston Martin Vulcan around the Circuit of the Americas?


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