Here’s the All-Electric McLaren P1 You’ve Always Wanted

Ride On McLaren P1

…as a kid that is!

McLaren has made it no secret that they plan on creating a pure EV for its Ultimate Series line of models as detailed in the TRACK 22 strategy. That time, however, is now, especially if you’re under the age of six. The new Ride On McLaren P1 is the first officially licensed product from McLaren Automotive and also their most compact car, ever.

Ride On McLaren P1

The new Ride On McLaren P1 features the same design as its older sibling albeit in a much more compacted platform. This tiny P1, however, only has a single, centrally-mounted seat like the iconic McLaren F1 and also has no top – something the P1 owners will never, ever be able to enjoy unless they’re the size of a small child.

Ride On McLaren P1

The purely electric Ride On McLaren P1 is turned on via a start/stop button. Once the car powers up, the lights and “air conditioning” unit are activated, and children can listen to their favorite pre-programmed nursery rhymes through the MP3 player and audio system.

The performance of the Ride On McLaren P1 is nowhere near the road-legal P1 model, however it does have a three forward speeds and a reverse gear. Hitting the 3 mph top speed takes a mere 2.0-seconds, making it one of the fastest-accelerating-to-top-speed vehicles available.

Ride On McLaren P1

The Ride On McLaren P1 will only be available in Volcano Yellow and is recommended for children ages 3 to 6, however older kids (like us) may fit as well. The new toy will be available in October at select McLaren Automotive retailers around the globe for £375.00 ($486) followed by international toy retailers.

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Source: McLaren

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