Here’s why it can Suck to be a “Car Guy”



In the automotive world, being a “car guy” can be a great label to have. You’re part of the tight-knit community of people with gasoline pumping through their veins. But sometimes, that’s not always the case with others outside of the enthusiast family.

As the.leviathan explains in his newest video, oftentimes the “car guy” label and/or owning a super car isn’t always a good thing according to others. You can be looked at as someone who’s only capable of talking about automotive-related things, known as “the guy with X-car” or the “X-car guy”, and/or that jerk who feels the need to take up multiple parking spots to protect your baby. Your priorities aren’t always in order according to them either because let’s face it – cars aren’t exactly the best investment.


In addition, the whole “built not bought” aspect comes into play, especially in the car community. People with super cars can often be looked at as just rich, spoiled people who bought an expensive car to show off, even if they are bit-time car enthusiasts.

Don’t expect your life to always change for the better when you buy a super car, either. As the.leviathan has detailed in his past reaction videos, people aren’t exactly nice when you own a super car or even when you’re just a car guy.

Just remember folks, #CarGuyLivesMatter!

Source: the.leviathan

Have you ever had your “car guy” status turn into a negative stereotype?


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