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Vorsteiner gives the McLaren 570S some Bite and Style

Vorsteiner McLaren 570S with VS Aero and V-FE 404 Wheels

Just add lightness.

The McLaren 570S might be geared towards the driver who wants more luxury and comfort, but it still packs quite a punch from its twin-turbocharged V-8 engine. In fact, it’s a variant of the same engine found in the other higher-performance super cars in the McLaren range. So, Vorsteiner developed a new VS aerodynamic program and installed lightweight V-FE 404 forged wheels to emphasize the athleticism hidden beneath the sheetmetal.

Vorsteiner McLaren 570S with VS Aero and V-FE 404 Wheels

The Vorsteiner McLaren 570S Coupe is instantly recognizable thanks to the new VS Aero program. Made from lightweight carbon fiber, the kit consists of a new VS Aero front spoiler and VS Aero rear boot to reduce lift and generate downforce for greater stability at high speeds. The VS Aero front spoiler extends outwards and incorporates the factory body lines to add a more aggressive tone with improving airflow. The rear spoiler mirrors the design of the McLaren P1’s adjustable rear wing and sits between the LED taillights, where it sweeps upwards.


The other eye-catching aspect of the Vorsteiner transformation for the McLaren 570S Coupe is the new V-FE 404 forged wheels. These Vorsteiner V-FE 404 wheels are made from forged aluminum alloy to produce a low overall weight with high strength and durability to handle the stresses incurred by a super car.

For this McLaren 570S Coupe, the Vorsteiner V-FE 404 forged wheels were installed in a staggered 20-inch front and 21-inch rear setup. The different diameters emphasize the wedge-shaped design and powertrain layout on the exotic. Each wheel also wears a Brushed Dark Shadow tint that perfectly complements the exterior color scheme.

Vorsteiner McLaren 570S with VS Aero and V-FE 404 Wheels

Although the McLaren 570S Coupe may be geared for the luxury car buyer, Vorsteiner shows that it can still be a blast to drive – and to look at.

Vorsteiner McLaren 570S Specifications

Type: Vorsteiner V-FE 404 forged alloy
Wheel Finish: Brushed Dark Shadow Tint
Front Wheels: 20-inches
Rear Wheels: 21-inches

McLaren VS Aero Program
-VS Aero Front Spoiler
-VS Aero Rear Boot

Vorsteiner McLaren 570S Gallery

Source: Vorsteiner

Do you like the new Vorsteiner VS Aero and V-FE 404 forged wheels on this McLaren 570S?


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