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Hey Guys, J-Turns are not Easy!

Range Rover J-Turn Fail

And you shouldn’t try one on public roads.

One of the more exciting and visually spectacular stunts that you can pull with a moving vehicle is called a J-turn. While it’s fun to watch, and even more thrilling to perform, if you don’t do it right, then bad things can and likely will happen. This Range Rover driver found that out the hard way.

Basically, a J-turn is a maneuver where a vehicle driving in reverse spins 180-degrees and speeds away without stopping, seamlessly going from reverse to forward drive. This can be an important tool in driving, which is why many body guards, security personnel, and more learn this technique to get out of a situation as quickly as possible.

Range Rover J-Turn Fail

With that being said, the move it a hard one to pull off – especially if you’re driving a large, top-heavy vehicle such as a Range Rover.

In a suburban neighborhood, one drive decided to try it out and found themselves rolling over before coming to a stop in someone’s yard. The security camera footage shows the black Range Rover driving past. A short while after, the SUV is seen reversing at a higher rate of speed, attempting a J-turn, only to have too much traction and too little space, causing the SUV to roll over and lose its audio equipment sitting in the trunk.

Just remember, kids, don’t try this at home or on public roads, especially if you’re not a trained professional.

How would you try to explain this failed J-turn if you were the Range Rover driver?


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