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Horsepower vs Torque: Randy Pobst Explains the Difference

Randy Pobst Horsepower vs Torque

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With cars, two of the most important numbers to many enthusiasts are the horsepower and torque figures. These are a good marker of what kind of performance a given vehicle will provide. But what the hell do they mean? There are some cars with tons of power and no torque, then others that have both. So, what’s the difference?

Well, Randy Pobst is going to break it all down for you on VINwiki. Pobst has driven almost everything under the sun and knows quite a bit about automotive engineering and technology along with racing.

Randy Pobst Horsepower vs Torque

During his sit down, he explained the difference between horsepower and torque, with torque being what you feel when you get on the throttle while horsepower is how long you feel it. He compared a Lamborghini with high horsepower and torque figures pushing you back in your seat the entire power band while a Honda with VTEC doesn’t push you back all the way to the redline with its large amount of horsepower and no torque.

Pobst also goes into a few stories of driving and racing, however his explanation of horsepower and torque is very helpful for a subject that can sometimes be hard to comprehend.

Source: VINwiki YouTube

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