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How to Prank your Dad and get Him Really Angry

Fake Graffiti Car Prank

Fake graffiti fun.

The guys at ‘Angry Dad’ on YouTube like giving their old man a hard time and making him flip out. So, what better way to drive him crazy than by putting fake graffiti on his car?

Fake Graffiti Car Prank

The two sons had some pretty convincing fake graffiti decals printed with some NSFW language and stuck it on his car late at night. When the father awoke and saw the markings on his car, he – like anyone else – flipped out, screaming obscenities.

When he found out, he was still mad and walked away yelling more four-letter words.

Ah, what a prank.

Source: Angry Dad YouTube

Would you like to prank someone with fake graffiti like this?


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