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The RevoZport GTZ-650 Takes the Mercedes-AMG GT Up a Notch!

RevoZport GTZ-650 Mercedes-AMG GT

Slicing through air with carbon fiber.

The Mercedes-AMG GT was designed to be an everyday super car that could really shine on the racetrack and it has delivered upon that promise perfectly. From the inside-out, the German machine does everything you could ask from a car in its class and then some. RevoZport, however, has made it even better with their new GTZ-650 Performance and Aerodynamic enhancement package.

RevoZport GTZ-650 Mercedes-AMG GT

The new RevoZport GTZ-650 Aerodynamic package is made to fit all Mercedes-AMG GT models including the S and the Edition 1. Each part was designed and measured using CAD and CFD programming using lightweight carbon fiber and carbon Kevlar for a precise OEM fitment.

RevoZport GTZ-650 Mercedes-AMG GT

The GTZ-650 Mercedes-AMG GT Aerodynamic package gives the super car a new front fascia highlighted by aggressive front splitters made from carbon Kevlar to resist scratches, and new canards made from carbon fiber for a motorsport-oriented look. A pair of side skirts extend outwards and channel air away from the rear wheels for a cleaner drag profile. At the rear, customers can choose from a large fixed GT wing or a duckbill spoiler lip atop the trunk to generate downforce. This works alongside the diffuser that sits beneath to keep the Mercedes-AMG GT composed at high speeds.

RevoZport GTZ-650 Mercedes-AMG GT

While the new RevoZport GTZ-650 aerodynamics give the Mercedes-AMG GT a hard-edged look, the new performance package really makes it shine on the asphalt. Here, the twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine was upgraded with a ram air intake system, re-tuned ECU, and titanium exhaust that cuts 22 lbs. of weight. Those few upgrades result in an impressive 650 horsepower with a diabolical note to finish it off.

RevoZport GTZ-650 Mercedes-AMG GT

The full RevoZport GTZ-650 aerodynamic package for the Mercedes-AMG GT range is available for $11,600 while the performance package can be purchased as separate upgrades.

RevoZport GTZ-650 Mercedes-AMG GT Specifications

Displacement: 4.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Twin-turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 650
-RevoZport GTZ-650 performance package

-GTZ-650 Add-on Splitter & Front Fender Blade
-GTZ-650 Front Bumper Canard
-GTZ-650 Side Skirt & Fender Blade
-GTZ-650 Rear Diffuser & Fender Blade
-GTZ-650 GT Spoiler with Declid Panel
-GTZ-650 Gurney Flap
-AMG GT-S Carbon Front Grill
-AMG GT-S Carbon Mirror Cover

RevoZport GTZ-650 Mercedes-AMG GT Gallery

Source: RevoZport

Do you like the new design and 650-HP output of the RevoZport GTZ-650 Mercedes-AMG GT?


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