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Idiot Cuts Off Another Idiot. Road Rage Ensues

Friday FAIL Road Rage

Folks, we have two idiots here that don’t know how to drive.

We’ve all been cut off. We’ve all been brake-checked. We’ve all been exposed to the frustrating actions of others on the road. Most of us can let go and go about our day, while others can’t. Then there are the times where two people feel the need to have road rage and battle it out on the street. This is one of those instances and involves a pair of big idiots.

While driving down the street, the driver of the lifted Dodge Ram gets cut off on a two-lane road by a car that just pulls out. Now, the driver that pulled out should have waited and we can see why this is irritating. However, instead of just moving over a lane and continuing on at speed, the Ram driver goes nuts.

The two drivers proceed to engage in a war or tailgating and brake-checking until the Ram driver has enough and rams the rear of the driver in front. This catches the driver of the SUV by surprise, who speeds up, pulls to the side, and shows the Ram driver what he thinks of him through the use of a finger. The Ram driver proceeds to rear-end the SUV again, and at this point the other driver has had enough and pulls over.

No matter what, it’s never a good idea to engage other drivers in the manner that these two did. Controlling two tons of metal and hitting each other will never end well.

Looks like we may have to amend the ‘Top 10 Douchebag Cars’ list…


Source: Amanda Lecanu YouTube

Who do you think the bigger idiot is here in this case of road rage?


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