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The Police-Fooling Street Racing Prank is Gold

Fake Drag Race Prank

That Roman Atwood is at it again.

Street racing is dangerous and irresponsible, that’s why police are always on the lookout for these hooligans. Chief Internet Prankster, Roman Atwood, thought he would play a joke on the LAPD by staging a fake drag race and using speakers to play sounds as if it were real.

Armed with a Ferrari California and a Tesla Model S, Atwood had a girl drop a checkered flag after the two cars lined up and slowly accelerated away to the speed limit. As the cars began to move, sounds of roaring engines and spinning tires echoed through the loudspeakers in the back of the California.

As expected, the “race” got the attention of the LAPD, security guards, and onlookers. The California was pulled over by police who had themselves a good laugh when finding out the story behind the drag race.


Source: Roman Atwood

Is this the funniest “Drag Race” ever?


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