If you don’t Daily your McLaren P1, You’re doing it Wrong

Daily Driven McLaren P1

This is the way to enjoy life.

Go Hiramatsu gets it. The 43 year-old lawyer who lives in Tokyo didn’t just buy a McLaren P1 to have it sit in a garage, collecting dust. No, he bought it to drive; using the machine as it was designed.

Huramatsu daily drives his McLaren P1 and occasionally his 650S to and from work, while meeting up with friends for drives at the Fuji Speedway and the beautiful Hakone Turnpike on the weekends to push the super car to its limits and enjoy the incredible performance.

Daily Driven McLaren P1

While being a lawyer might not sound like a very exciting job, you can bet that daily driving a McLaren P1 makes it all worth it.

This is the life.

Source: McLaren

If you owned a McLaren P1, would you use it as your daily-driver?


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