If you flip your SLS AMG into a Pond you’re going to have a Bad Day

SLS AMG Pond Crash

Going for a South China swim.

When Mercedes-Benz designed the SLS AMG, they incorporated a safety feature into the gullwing door system that would help passengers escape in the event of a rollover or a flip. The system featured two explosive devices that would essentially blow the doors off of the car and enable occupants to crawl out and escape the wreckage.

But they probably didn’t expect there to be any flips into water, otherwise they would have added in an inflatable rescue device into the safety mechanism. After an accident in Liupanshui, China, one driver is probably wishing that was the case.

SLS AMG Pond Crash

According to scarce reports and GTSpirit, the driver lost control of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on a nearby road and hit a curb, causing the super car to flip and crash into the water upside-down. Luckily, the driver was able to escape safely. Details however, are still a bit murky as to how the accident happened.

The super car, as you’d probably expect, is pretty much totaled, unless he’s planning on transforming it into a submersible SLS AMG.

SLS AMG Crash Gallery


[Source: GTSpirit]

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