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This Illegally-Imported Murciélago Getting Destroyed Absolutely Sucks

Illegally imported Lamborghini Murceiago Destroyed

What the hell?!

Import laws when it comes to vehicles suck. We get why they are in place (in some instances), but as car enthusiasts, we just want to enjoy our automobiles. The Taiwanese government doesn’t care, and they crushed this illegally imported Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640-4 piece by piece.

Illegally imported Lamborghini Murceiago Destroyed

According to the video uploader, the car was imported and the wrong license plate was installed. So, according to the utterly savage Taiwanese traffic laws, the entire car had to be destroyed. The law states that no part can be re-sold, so that means that each and every piece of the super car had to be torn apart and destroyed.

It’s a sad and cruel sight to see. An Italian exotic just ripped to shreds because of a simple traffic law.

Source: Jesse Yao YouTube

How upsetting it is to watch the Taiwanese government destroy this Lamborghini?


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