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I’m The NextEV!


Hey, look at those snobs.

LaFerrari thinks he’s the big man on campus with his ridiculously simple name and swarthy style. That stuffy Porsche 918 gets on my nerves with all that technology. He thinks he’s so smart. And that stupid McLaren P1 gets all the girls with his edgy looks. They make the magazine covers, the YouTube videos, and the TV spots. They make me sick.


I’ll show ‘em. I will start working out at the ‘Ring and out and I won’t stop until I get around that track in seven minutes. I’m gonna’ train and train and train, but I won’t tell anybody anything. I will just let them see for themselves. I won’t stop until I chase down that Rimac Concept One and push him in the mud. 1,088 horsepower – pshaw! I’m dyno-ing until I trump him with 1,360-hp and three seconds to 60 mph. That Toyota will eat my dust!

Silly Tesla P100D. Everybody thinks he’s so much. I know I can outrun him on a track without breaking a sweat.

Those American kids. Always taunting me because I’m from Chinese parents. They won’t know what hit ‘em! They may be today’s EV’s, but I’m the NextEV. They’ll see!

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