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Watch this BMW M2 Drift into a Car Leaving a Show

BMW M2 Drift Crash FAIL

Ultimate Stance to Ultimate Drift Fail.

At the Ultimate Stance trade show this weekend at the Telford International Centre, Telford, hundreds of car enthusiasts gathered to check out the latest and greatest in stanced cars. While pretty much all of the attendees were law-abiding citizens aiming to have a good time and enjoy the scene, one got themselves into a bit of trouble by being an idiot.

BMW M2 Drift Crash FAIL

While leaving the show, one BMW M2 thought they’d show off in front of a crowd of people. That’s usually a recipe for disaster at car shows, but this driver didn’t care. While trying to drift on a public road with traffic, the BMW M2 driver lost control and smashed into a stopped car in the middle of the road.

The two cars hit with some significant force, even though the BMW M2 wasn’t moving at speed. Hopefully nobody was injured and the car that was hit can be repaired.

Source: Matt Dawson via Facebook

How mad would you be if someone smashed into you while drifting at a car show?


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