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IMSA Turns the Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG up a Notch

IMSA Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG

Adding some Style and Art.

IMSA, or Individual, Mobile, Style, and Art has been working with high-end exotics, particularly Lamborghini for a number of years. Before they started with the Italians, however, they worked with Mercedes-Benzes under the name Kleemann. Their latest IMSA Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG conversion is looked at as a return to its roots, and adds more fun to all aspects of the big, German flagship.

The Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG is new to the scene and it’s wealth of luxury is complemented by a 5.5-liter, twin-turbocharged V-8 engine pumping out 577 horsepower and 664 lb-ft. of torque. IMSA created a full bespoke exhaust system machined from a solid block of aerospace-quality aluminum alloy and gave it a semi-matte finish. The exhaust includes outlet pipes from the turbochargers, downpipes, sport catalytic converters, and an X-cross mid-muffler to cut down on any sort of restrictive backpressure. The mighty V-8 also gains a pair of sport air filters, intercooler radiator, and a full engine management software tune. All that is good for an incredible 720 horsepower and 797 lb-ft. of torque, with the latter figure being electronically-limited to prevent damage to the drivetrain.

IMSA Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG

Attempting to handle all of that power are a new set of IMSA lightweight forged aluminum wheels on the Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG. The superlight ten twin-spoke wheels are fitted in a wide 9.0J x 21 front and 10.5J x 21 rear setup with 255/35 ZR21 and 295/30 ZR21 tires.

IMSA opted to keep the exterior upgrades relatively subtle as to not take away from the classic elegance and prestige of the factory vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG was outfitted with a new front bumper that includes new air intakes and aerodynamic lips. Side skirts help to visually lower the overall ride height while a new rear diffuser accommodates the newly-installed exhaust system. All of the new aerodynamic parts are made from autoclaved carbon fiber coated with Acryl for a smooth finish.

Inside, IMSA can give the S 63 AMG a wide range of leather and alcantara furnishings along with carbon fiber, metal alloy, or wood inserts for a custom-tailored cabin.

Pricing for the entire IMSA Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG conversion have not been released.

IMSA Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG Specifications

Displacement: 5.5 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Twin-turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 720
Maximum Torque: 797 lb-ft. / 1,080 (electronically-limited)
-Full aluminum exhaust system
-ECU tune
-Radiator for intercooler
-Sport air filters

Wheels and Tires:
Wheels: IMSA Ultralight forged
Front Wheels: 9.0 x 21
Rear Wheels: 12.5 x 21
Front Tires: 255/35 ZR21
Rear Tires: 295/30 ZR21

-Carbon fiber front bumper
-Carbon fiber front lip
-Carbon fiber front air intakes
-Carbon fiber side skirts
-Carbon fiber rear diffuser
-Aluminum rear diffuser grille

IMSA Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG Gallery

Source: IMSA

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