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Jack Olsen and his 911 RSR can Do it All – Video

The daily driving race car.

In the automotive world, when cars are designed for the race track they tend to be bad daily drivers. Well, Jack Olsen refused to subscribe to that belief and created a custom Porsche 911 RSR that can “do it all.”

His Porsche 911 RSR, nicknamed the “Black Beauty” is built for both the street and track and wasn’t created to be any kind of show- or collector’s car at all, which is partly why it’s such a great automobile. Everything has been modified to suit Olsen’s needs. The 911 started out as a lightweight 1972 body and uses a 1995 911 engine, a 1977 transaxle, 1986 911 Turbo brakes, and a range of parts from 1965 to 2000, allowing him to hand-pick the best parts from a specific generation to create a Frankenstein of a sports car. It may “only” have 272 horsepower at the crank, but with a 2,400 lb. chassis, the 911 RSR can still get up and go. But that’s not even the focus here, Olsen has poured countless hours into the suspension, which is arguably the most exciting part of the car and helps him get around the race track in the quickest way possible.

The 911 RSR Black Beauty resides in his custom-built garage that has been featured in numerous magazines for its design and efficient use of space. It has everything from woodworking areas to welding, and features ten work surfaces and a hydraulic floor lift – all in a standard two-car space.

The Jack Olsen’s Porsche 911 RSR Black Beauty is a wonderful automobile that can be driven to the track and raced, packed up, and driven home. It’s one of the beautiful parts of the automobile world.

[Source: Petrolicious]

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