Jetpack vs. Jaguar is a perfect race for Dubai

Jaguar XJR vs Jet Pack

More fun stunts from Jaguar.

The iconic Top Gear television show might be off the air for a bit after the big hosting scandal, but Jaguar is giving us stunts to satisfy our craving for speed. In their latest competition, the team at Jaguar decided to put their supercharged XJS up against one of the jet-pack-powered in a race.

Jaguar XJR vs Jet Pack

These two opulent modes of transportation were right at home in the dry deserts of Dubai. In the XJR was former Formula One driver, Martin Brundle, while Yves ‘Jetman’ Rossy was flying through the sky.

Who wins the battle for speed? Watch and find out.

Source: Jaguar

Would you like to drive the Jaguar XJR or fly in the Jet Pack?


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