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Jon Olsson’s Old Camo Audi RS6 DTM got Toasted

Jon Olsson Audi RS6 DTM

Stolen and burnt.

Alpine Skier and big-time car enthusiast, Jon Olsson, made a name for himself on the slopes and on the asphalt with his heavy-hitting super cars that were often modified to the extreme. One of those was the fan-favorite camo-clad, carbon fiber Audi RS6 DTM. The car was recently sold to Douwe Leitner and was just stolen and burnt to a crisp.

Jon Olsson Audi RS6 DTM

The unfortunate series of events started on Wednesday night in Amsterday-East as the Audi RS6 DTM was fueling up at a gas station. A camera crew was with the car and had planned on filming a promotional video using GoPro cameras that were strapped to the car. Two armed criminals threatened the owner and crew then stole the car and sped off.

The keys to the car were in Leitner’s pocket, so while they had stolen a running car, it would not be able to be turned back on once it was turned off.

Jon Olsson Audi RS6 DTM

The criminals drove off and parked it in a parking complex before setting it on fire, where it was burnt to a crisp.

According to the Telegraaf:

“Two armed criminals robbed the expensive car late Wednesday night when filming a promotional video, as the camera people at a gas station in Amsterdam-East the Go Pro cameras were hanged. The pair threatened the cameraman and the owner of the vehicle, which at that time was in the car, and then went there with great speed off. “The car was not a track and trace system to track the car directly,” said Douwe Leitner, the owner of the car.”

Jon Olsson Audi RS6 DTM

The Audi RS6 DTM was also being sold by Leitner for 400,000 Euros as well.

Source: Jon Olsson, Telegraaf

How sad is it to see Jon Olsson’s former Audi RS6 DTM scorched?


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